Project Description

20 Vineyard Road

2018 – 2019

Michele Sandilands
Kevin Porter
Mubeen Salie

Light, colour and pattern infused the thinking on this fresh take of the classic office block. We challenged the norm and arrived at a visually lively, innovative building in the heart of the buzzing Claremont Business District. The tricky corner site has been transformed into a translucent lightweight building with a playful energy. Standard (run of kiln) clay bricks screen the western side from the harsh sun while patterned bricks conceal the fire escape windows and toilets achieving a harmonious unified elevation. Collaboration with the façade engineers resulted in an innovative heat extract system with automated light sensitive blinds reflecting the heat from solar rays, forcing it upwards into an interior air extract system. The irregular faceting of the façade enables large glass sheets to stand without vertical mullions, resulting in a cost-effective lightweight multi-reflective transparent façade. Rainwater collected on the roof serves to irrigate the indigenous rooftop garden.

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