Project Description



Michele Sandilands
Russ Wingfield

This project underlines our belief that well-designed learning and social environments can improve student performance. An extensive addition to UNISA’s Cape Town Campus, our design was environmentally mindful from inception to detail resolution. Conservation of natural resources, material selection, natural lighting and ventilation informed all plans.  The visually-striking tower runs as a central spine along the building, reflecting much-valued north light into the south-facing classrooms below. It also facilitates natural cross-ventilation via an automated sensor system. Double-glazing maximises natural daylight while rainwater, harvested in storage tanks, provides water for toilets.

2014 Afrisam – SAIA Commendation, Award 4 Sustainable Architecture.
2014 SAIA Award of Merit.
2014 SAIA Award for Excellence.
2013 SAIC Category Nomination.
2013 CIA Award for Architecture.

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